Common questions and answers related to luxury apartment rental.

What are the benefits of renting a luxury apartment?

Renting a high-end apartment offers luxurious amenities, high-quality finishes and appliances, concierge services, security features, and convenient locations in desirable neighborhoods. You get to enjoy an upscale lifestyle without the hassles of homeownership.

How much more expensive is a luxury apartment compared to a standard apartment?

Luxury apartments typically rent for 20-50% more per month compared to standard apartments in the same area. The increased cost comes from the premium amenities, larger floorplans, views, and exclusive locations.

What amenities might I find in a high-end apartment building?

Common amenities in luxury apartment buildings can include a 24/7 concierge, valet parking, fitness center with a pool, business center, rooftop lounge, pet spa, outdoor spaces like gardens or a deck, and in-unit features like hardwood floors, high-end appliances, walk-in closets, soaking tubs, and smart home technology.

Do luxury apartments require tenants to meet income requirements?

Most luxury buildings do have minimum income requirements for tenants, usually you need to show proof of income of 2.5-3x the monthly rent. This ensures tenants can afford the high rents.

How far in advance should I start looking for a luxury apartment rental

Start your search 2-3 months in advance of when you hope to move. Typically, high-end rentals have lower vacancy rates and higher demand. It may take longer to find the perfect unit for your needs.

Will I need a real estate agent to help me find and rent a luxury apartment?

While you can search online listings yourself, real estate agents can leverage their connections to access rentals not listed publicly yet. 

What fees and deposits should I expect when signing a luxury apartment lease?

Typical application and admin fees/deposits with security deposit start as low at $300.

How can I improve my rental application for a luxury apartment?

Having great credit, high income, positive landlord references, and offering more upfront like extra deposit or rent months can help secure an application. Use a co-signer if needed.

Do luxury buildings allow pets? What restrictions and fees apply?

Most allow pets, but often limit type and number, typically its up to 2 pets.  Expect pet deposits from $250 per pet and added monthly pet rent around $15-25

What should I consider when deciding between two high-end apartment options?

Compare location, floor plans, amenities, views, reputation of building, quality of finishes, pet policies, fees, concessions offered, and overall vibe. On-site visits can help you assess the intangibles.

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