Hello everyone and welcome to Texas!  I wasn't born here, but as they say I got here as fast as I could!  Lol.  After graduating from the University of Mississippi, I was lucky enough to move to several states, from Hawaii to Florida. But fifteen years ago I moved to Dallas and put my roots down.   I am happily married to a fourth generation Texan.  He graduated from high school in Dallas and college at Southern Methodist University.   
I mention this because I have seen the explosive growth of this area.  As a realtor/locator for 13 plus years the growth has been fun to watch. It  has literally been both amazing and unprecedented.  I get a big thrill and excitement from helping match people to their dream apartment.  Helping clients overcome common hurdles, finding hidden gems, avoiding pitfalls, etc.  The process can seem overwhelming at first glance but with my years of both personal and professional expertise, I can make this as seamless as possible. 
Not only have I placed 1,000's of clients in the properties you will want to explore, but I have lived in several as well.   After 13 plus years in this market I know many of the apartment managers and property managements personally.   I look forward to making your search as easy as possible. 

Call Jill Hough at (214) 502-9607 to find your dream apartment in Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston.

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